FAQs Musicians

  1. I am a professional musician, how do I register my interest?
    - In the first instance, email our CEO, David Clement Horton on dch@forgetmenotmusicians.org
    - You will be asked to supply a video of your act for our review.
    - If your act is suitable, you will be sent a contract for your consideration.
  2. How often will I be engaged?
    - We do not commit to providing you with any work.  The way we work is to try to match the requirements of Care Homes with our available artists.
    - We will share the available work out amongst the acts on our register that we deem suitable for a given Care Home or venue,
  3. How much notice will I get of a potential engagement?
    -  We operate two registers,
    - on the standard register, acts are given at least two weeks notice of an assignment and are expected to confirm its acceptance within 24 hours.
    - In addition, you can also ask to be on the back-up register we maintain a list of acts that can fit in at short notice to cover unexpected issues with the originally scheduled act.