Our Mission

We bring high-quality, live music, through talented singers and musicians, to care homes. Many residents have spent their lives being good citizens, some having served in wars and survived the Great Depression. Many have helped lay the foundations of the lives we enjoy today.

We bring happiness, hope, confidence, and renewed life to people with dementia. With your help, we can give something back to people who have had so much taken away. Seeing the incredible joy that music can bring is something that you hold in your heart forever.

Music can have an amazing effect on the brain of someone with dementia. The complex compositions of Mozart and Beethoven are thought to aid cognition, when listened to regularly. While hearing a favourite song can rekindle memories and help re-establish communication. Music can also instantly improve a dementia patient’s quality of life and help them reconnect with reality.

Currently, the government do not view music as a form of treatment for people with dementia. This means care homes have a minimal budget for entertainment and it is the first thing to go when there are cut-backs, leading to infrequent and poor quality entertainment.

The Devastating Effects of Dementia

Dementia is a disease that takes everything; memories, coordination, sight, speech, and the very essence of who you are.

Dementia causes confusion and agitation, and can turn people who once loved and cared for you into aggressive strangers.

Dementia leaves families heartbroken when the memories of a son, daughter, husband, wife, or grandchildren are cruelly taken away.

Dementia has no cure.

Some Heart-Warming Responses to our Music

“When she hears music, her eyes sparkle, she smiles, she dances, and she remembers.”

“I don’t know how but I can communicate again through singing. I can now speak a few words, music has helped me.”

“She sings along to the songs, and her agitation and confusion subside, she is given peace through music."